Shiftwalk Accuracy CS:GO Bug Ignored by Valve for Years, Community Takes a Stand

The CS:GO community has decided to take a firm stand against Valve's ignorance when it comes to the game-breaking 'Shiftwalk Accuracy Bug', which has also affected professional competitive games. The massive bug has the potential to disrupt games by affecting the outcome of a particular round or even the match, which could be devastating under several circumstances. This CS:GO bug directly impacts the accuracy of bullets when a player fires a shot from a crouching position right after shift walking, as the first two bullets are always highly inaccurate. The bug which goes against the normal game mechanics was first reported by ‘u/Zoddom' in 2019.

Since then, this particular bug has been highlighted multiple times within the CS:GO community, garnering a lot of attention but has still failed to attract Valve's scrutiny.

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CS:GO community takes a stand against the critical 'Shiftwalk Accuracy Bug'

The 'Shiftwalk Accuracy Bug' has a huge impact on CS:GO, yet it continues to be ignored by Valve. The developers have now ignored it for more than two years, and even if they have been working on a fix, nothing has been officially confirmed to the community so far.

Both 'u/birkir’ and ‘u/Zoddom' have reported about this bug in the past to spread awareness amongst community members and also to make Valve aware of this bug, forcing them to take action against it or at least communicate an update on the situation.

What is the Shiftwalk Accuracy Bug?

This bug only triggers when a player goes into a crouching position after shift walking and fires a weapon. Due to the bug, the accuracy of the first two bullets randomly goes way off the charts, following which the accuracy is restored.

The randomness of the accuracy for the first two bullets is the main problem, as it directly goes against the normal game mechanics. This unusual game behaviour is enough to lose a duel especially in a critical situation, which automatically makes this bug a priority.

Also, if a player is running and then goes into a crouching position to take a shot, the bug is not triggered and the bullet accuracy is maintained.

The person who has been most vocal about this issue is a CS:GO user called Zoddom. He has even presented a mathematical equation to explain the bug, providing what he claims to be a simple solution to the problem.

Explanation Provided by Zoddom

The above explanation details out why the first two bullets are highly inaccurate but then returns to the proper state that it should be in. Valve ignoring this for so long is very unfortunate, forcing the community to take drastic measures as they are ready to speak against this problem every week.

Users are clearly not happy with Valve

Until the game-breaking bug is solved or Valve comes forward to update the community on this situation, Zoddom has stated that he would keep sharing information about the bug every week. Valve has so far not come out with an official statement on the matter. It will be interesting to see how long they will take before they actually come forward to address this issue.

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