CS:GO May Have Suggested Sharable Utility, Community Debates Possibility

Valve has shared a post via the official CS:GO Twitter account which has got the entire community excited. The post states "Imagine a world where pressing 'G' drops your grenades," which may be suggesting droppable or sharable utility in Counter-Strike. Since the post went live, several community figures like popular CS:GO talent, Chad "SPUNJ" Burchill and content creator, ZooL Smith has touched upon the topic, asking members of the community the consequences of such a change. The feedback has been mixed, with responses from professional players, coaches, and general users basically calling it one of the biggest changes to CS:GO in the last five years, if Valve actually goes ahead with it.

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Community discusses possibility of sharable utility in CS:GO

Valve has been dropping cryptic posts on the CS:GO Twitter account since the past few days which has kept the community entertained, everyone trying to decipher what it all actually means. However, the post featured yesterday on 29th July was a question asking the community their opinion on sharable utility in CS:GO.

Twitter Fleet Posted by CS:GO

The feedback from the community was mixed, however, when it comes to professional CS:GO players and talents, they thought it was a ridiculous idea which would not contribute constructively to the current state of the game.

North American star rifler, Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski while responding to a similar query put up by SPUNJ straight away said that "(It) doesn't sound good to me."

He further explained a scenario if the utility actually becomes sharable saying that, one player would alone handle a site stacked with all the utilities while the remaining players hold the other site, and then they can simply play retake if the opposition goes to the site with only one player.

Anders Blume who is a popular Danish caster was of the opinion that a player who did not know any lineups would simply keep dropping for his teammates, "too lazy to learn the smoke/flashes".

Anders' Take on CS:GO's Suggestion

Valve discussed on the topic with content creator ZooL Smith who called this feature game-breaking if it is actually introduced to the game. The official CS:GO account put forward a question asking "Does this break the game if team buy limits are the same?"

CS:GO Engages in Discussion With The Community

ZooL responded to this by saying he was not a big fan of the idea, inviting renowned content creator, WarOwl in on the discussion. CS:GO's final statement in this discussion was "If you load up your 'utility expert' with 4 of your 5 team molotovs or smokes, that definitely creates new opportunities. And at the same time - a ton of risk."

The general player base was split in their decision, some liking the idea as it would drastically change how the current CS:GO gameplay works, right from its roots. While others were not too big of a fan of how this would affect the overall working of the game.

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