• Berlin
  • Adam Harvey

The Privacy Gift Shop has temporarily relocated to Berlin to carry out R&D for new products for our F/W 2016 collection.

Hong Kong

In February 2016 the Privacy Gift Shop was invited to exhibit items at the IFVA festival and exhibition in Hong Kong. The exhibition included items from the think privacy collection including screenprints, a laser-etched mirror, and anti Google propaganda.

Today's Selfie Is Tomorrow's Biometric Profile

Installation view of the Think Privacy selfie mirror at IFVA. 



Our New Home

This fall the Privacy Gift Shop will join NEW INC, the first museum-led incubator or art and technology. NEW INC begins in September and is a year long program for artists to develop their practice. The space will include more fabrication tools than I had access to before, which means my studio, Undisclosed LLC will have more capabilities for producing new items for the gift shop.

We're very excited to be a part of NEW INC starting in September 2014.