What is the Privacy Gift Shop?

The Privacy Gift Shop is an ecommerce platform for publishing and distributing privacy accessories and countersurveillance art. It did start as a conceptual project but is now a real online store. We also do popup shows and exhibitions.

Is there a physical store?

Not yet, but products will soon be available in other physical stores and museum gift shops. During 2014-2015 the Privacy Gift Shop traveled to London, Brussels, Vienna, and Tel Aviv. In 2016, we will be presenting in Hong Kong, Paris, and hopefully more.

What information does this site collect?

This site is continuously improving to protect the privacy of consumers. However, building a privacy-centric online store is a real challenge. For web analytics we use and recommend Piwik as an alternative to Google Analytics. Piwik is self-hosted, anonymizes, IP addresses, and does not share data with any other service.

This store is built using Shopify, which also implements additional tracking scripts. Unfortunately, these can't be turned off. But we recommend you disable them using Ghostery and Privacy Badger.

For our newsletter we use a self-hosted application from Sendy.co and never share email addresses with any 3rd party whatsoever. For customer support email we use Mykolab.com, a private and secure email provider in Switzerland.

What will show up on my credit card when I purchase an item from the Privacy Gift Shop?

You should see a charge from Undisclosed LLC. You can block this by using a (paid) service from Abine called MaskMe. At the time of writing the service cost $5/mo. The service works by acting as a proxy for your credit card transaction so the only name that shows up on your statement is a generic transaction from Abine.

Do you still sell the OFF Pocket?

The new OFF Pocket is still being developed and is the flagship product of the Privacy Gift Shop. But before undertaking this project at higher volumes, our current strategy is to build out the store's infrastructure and business practice in order to provide a higher quality product and better customer service. In the short term, we weren't able to sustain the costs of production, RF testing, and infrastructure. In the long term, we're developing more custom technologies, a wider range of products, increased performance, durability testing, and everything else you should expect from a well designed product.

Shipping (US only until March 1, 2016)

Until March 1, 2016 the Privacy Gift Shop online store only ships to US addresses. Sorry for this inconvenience. We previously offered global shipping, but due to the limited number of products in 2015, we've had to reduce our overhead costs and limit shipping options to only domestic.