A Novel Tech Incubator

Privacy Gift Shop on Wired.com

Wired.com published an article today about the experimental art/tech incubator that the New Museum has launched, which the Privacy Gift Shop is part of. I was interviewed by Liz Stenson from Wired about my perspectives on balancing art and commerce.

Here's the article: http://www.wired.com/2014/06/a-tech-incubator-that-silicon-valley-will-never-understand/

New Museum Pop-Up Store

September Launch

The Privacy Gift Shop made its debut with a pop-up store at the New Museum Store in NYC. The launch was made possible with support from the New Museum Store, help from collaborator Johanna Bloomfield, design assistant Danielle Perret, store manager Daniel Thiem, and curator Lauren Cornell.

The opening of the Privacy Gift Shop featured a limited edition OFF Pocket inspired by the New Museum's silver facade. The item is made with a retroreflective silver exterior and available through the New Museum's store.